Racist School Hair Policies

Tonight Illuminated Arts went to a concert at the DeMontfort Hall in Leicester, Handel's 'Messiah'. In front of us sat a family, parents and two girls, the youngest of whom had her hair in the most glorious Afro. Her hair was so obviously healthy, positively GLOWING, a magnificent crowning glory. we wanted to compliment her and tell her how beautiful her hair looked, but we didn't want to make her self-conscious, so we mentioned it to her father. To our dismay he told us that the hairdresser was booked for tomorrow to braid his daughter's hair as the school had told them that her hair did not conform to school uniform policy.

Our blood began to boil. We asked him the name of the school and said if he would consider supporting his daughter to take on the school we would organise some back up. He agreed that this was a racist policy that discriminates against natural Afro hair, and was cross that they had to spend so much money on dressing his daughter's hair just because the school didn't like her natural hair.

Imagine if a school demanded that a White child permed their hair in order to conform to the uniform policy? Imagine if they told you your child would have to compromise her health to avoid disciplinary action? These are racist school policies and need to be exposed.